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About the Web Site Creator

  • 1962: born
  • 1989: earned Bach Sci. in Physics
  • 1995: became a born-again Christian
  • 2005: out of work, began produing web sites in an attempt to earn income

I consider myself a born-again Fundamentalist Christian. However: I also accept and generally approve of other varieties of Christianity. That is: I’m not the kind of Christian who thinks a Christian needs to believe all of the very same things I do about the Bible and God and being born-again to obtain eternal life. All sincere Christians, of whatever “flavor”, share a desire to serve and worship God. That makes us all brothers and sisters in Christ. Besides: all of us are wrong at times. If our eternal salvation depends upon our believing the correct and true teachings regarding all religious matters, then we are all doomed.

About the Web Site

In 2005 I was out of work. Having had several years’ experience as a computer programmer, I decided (between jobs) to try my hand at producing web sites that might earn me income or work. (This is a task which could be done relatively cheaply from home). So: I taught myself the necessary skills (HTML, XHTML, CSS). Having a hobby-like fascination with the various English Bible versions that existed, I decided to produce a web site that evaluates Bible versions.

After I began earning a very slight income (about $10-$20 per month) from that and several other web sites I had produced, I decided to purchase web hosting and domain names, “real web sites”. So in 2006 was born.

It’s suffered from only occasional updates from me in the past, usually between jobs. Some of those updates “wrecked” the appearance and operation of the web site, and for that I apologize.

Now it’s 2017 and I’m finally performing a complete renovation of the web site. (Once again I’m between jobs and so have the time.) If you know someone who needs a hard-working Christian employee or someone who needs a web site, please contact me.) I pray that while you are visiting you learn something useful and interesting that will aid you in your walk with Christ.

Jim Pettis