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This page provides an easily-traversed index of the charts, tables and diagrams that are available on this web site.

Alphabetical Order

Title Type Description
Apocrypha, Expanded Table A list of all of the documents found in the Expanded Apocrypha, which is included in several modern English “with Apocrypha” editions of the Bible.
Apocrypha, Traditional English Table A list of all of the documents found in the Traditional English Apocrypha, which is what we find in most English “with Apocrypha” editions of the Bible.
Bible Canons Table Listing of all of the Biblical books as they appear in order in various Bible canons. Table can be sorted by Bible canon.
English Bible Versions Table Includes only complete (Old & New Testament) English Bible versions, including important revisions, and the date of publication. Very complete (more than 100 English Bible versions and revisions listed).
History of the Western Bible Canons Table A chronological listing of the most important events in the development of the three traditional Bible canons that are commonly used in the West. Includes links and/or citations to sources.
Pros and Cons Table The most significant pros and cons, very briefly described, for the most popular English Bible versions. Also: reading level, “literalness” level and inclusive language level.