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The Doctrine of Trinity

Introduction (Page 1)

I have divided the definition and explanation of the Christian doctrine of trinity into web pages as follows:

Each Tenet page lists tenets as simple statements and then explains how those tenets affect how we describe the trinity. Learning the tenets and understanding their significance is the key to understanding the doctrine.

Definition of “Person”

Divine Person
one of the three members of the trinity
It’s important to realize that, when describing the trinity, we don’t use the word “Person” in the standard sense (i.e. “human being”). We use the word “Person” in a non-standard sense, and we use the word “Person” because the three Divine Persons all possess qualities that we typically only associate with Persons (i.e. human beings), such as:
  • the ability to communicate with humans using human language
  • self-awareness
  • human-level intelligence (in fact, greater)
  • creativity
  • moral values
  • etc.

So: please realize that when you see the term “Divine Person” (as you will often), it refers to one of the three Divine members of the trinity and not to any mere human being.